Shepherd Stern


Cori Shepherd Stern is an Academy Award nominated producer focused on both documentary and fiction film projects. Her most recent film, BENDING THE ARC, explores the epic arc of the global health rights movement through the intimate story of the extraordinary team who led the fight.

Her credits include box office and critical success WARM BODIES, released by Summit, which originated from an unpublished short story by writer Isaac Marion discovered by Cori. She also produced OPEN HEART, nominated for Best Documentary Short Subject of the 85th Academy Awards. The film followed eight children on a perilous journey to get high-risk surgery of Africa’s only high-tech, free-of-charge heart surgery hospital. The film made its US broadcast debut on HBO and internationally on ARTE Germany/France.

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Cori will be Attending Festival 2017!
Saturday March 11th @ 1:00pm MDC’S TOWER THEATER (THEATER 1)