Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Nicole Opper

Country: Mexico, USA

Running Time: 75min
Film Year: 2016
Category: Knight Documentary Achievement Award

This intimate documentary from Emmy-nominated director Nicole Opper follows an adolescent boy’s inspiring journey from destitution and hopelessness to determination and reconciliation.

Juan Carlos is a 16-year-old. He ran away from an abusive home and lived on Mexico City’s streets before finally finding stability at Puebla’s Instituto Poblano de Readaptación, A.C., aka IPODERAC, a unique group home that offers shelter and brotherhood to young people in need. Opper’s film allows us to witness Juan Carlos’ experience at IPODERAC, along with those of others. Visitor’s Day is about the transformations that can occur when organizations go the extra mile to reach out to those ready to overcome adversity.


Wednesday March 8th @ 9:30pm CORAL GABLES ART CINEMA Add to Schedule


Director: Nicole Opper
Producer: Nicole Opper, Manuel Tsingaris, Carlo Corea

Music: Diana Salier
Cinematographer: Nicole Opper
Editor: Manuel Tsingaris, Carlo Corea

Nicole Opper

Nicole Opper is an American filmmaker. Among her directorial credits are the documentaries Song of Hannah (03) and Off and Running (09), which received an Emmy nomination. She received a Fulbright Fellowship to direct Visitor’s Day (17).