Florida Premiere


Country: USA
Language: English

Running Time: 22min
Film Year: 2016
Category: Florida Focus

A restless Junior High school graffiti artist risks it all to compete against a mysterious new rival to earn respect from his peers during the dawn of the golden age of hip-hop culture in Miami circa 1991.

This film is also featured in the 2017 Film Festival’s Shorts Film Category.

This film screens as a collection of the FLORIDA STORIES Shorts Program.


Saturday March 4th @ 9:45pm MDC’S TOWER THEATER (THEATER 1) Add to Schedule


Director: Jokes Yanes
Producer: Peter Ebanks
Screenwriter: J. Bishop, Jokes Yanes
Executive Producer: James Wahlberg, Charles Blaisdell

Music: Max Sterling
Cinematographer: Antal Steinbach
Editor: Jack Nuñez

Cast: Steven Bauer

Jokes Yanes

Jokes Yanes is a Cuban-American Miami-based award-winning writer/director/producer/editor of TV, Music videos, films & documentaries. His directorial feature film debut, Eenie Meenie Miney Moe (13), world premiered at Miami Film Festival.