US Premiere

DIRECTED BY Alberto Morais

Country: France, Romania, Spain
Language: Romanian, Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: LA MADRE

Running Time: 89min
Film Year: 2016
Category: HBO Ibero American Competition

Miguel (Javier Mendo) is only 14, but has already taken on countless responsibilities. His mother, Carmen, is unemployed and emotionally unstable, so Miguel does the housework, sells what he can and shoplifts when he has to. When social services comes calling, Miguel, preferring freedom at all costs to state assistance, flees. He winds up staying with Carmen’s ex and befriends the proprietor of a bar. Meanwhile, Carmen has disappeared.

Anchored in a heartrending, brave, seemingly artless performance from Mendo, this third fiction feature from Spain’s Alberto Morais is an arresting drama about youth in peril and the vagaries of a family in which traditional roles have become unnervingly blurred.


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Director: Alberto Morais
Producer: Alberto Morais, Adrian Lustig, Paulo Branco
Screenwriter: Alberto Morais, Ignácio Gutiérrez-Solana, Verónica García
Executive Producer: Verónica García, Adrian Lustig

Music: Vicent Barrère
Cinematographer: Diego Dussuel
Editor: Julia Juániz

Cast: Javier Mendo, Laia Marull, Nieve De Medina, Ovidiu Crisan, Alexandru Stanciu

Alberto Morais

Alberto Morais was born in Valladolid, Spain. His directorial credits include the documentary Un lugar en el cine (08) and the fiction features Las olas (11), The Kids From the Port (13) and The Mother (16).

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