North American Premiere

DIRECTED BY Hussein Hassan

Country: Germany, Iraq, Qatar
Language: Arabic, Kurdish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: RESEBA

Running Time: 89min
Film Year: 2016
Category: Cinema 360º

The Dark Wind begins with a couple’s happy engagement in a Shingal village—an event rapidly followed by a murderous ambush. The bride-to-be survives the attack but is kidnapped and trafficked. When she finally makes it back home, will she still be considered marriageable material?

ISIS’ campaign to exterminate the Yazidi—a Kurdish religious community whose roots date back to Mesopotamia—is at the heart of Hussein Hassan Ali’s second feature. But The Dark Wind does more than simply memorialize the 2014 Yazidi genocide; it is also a critique of cultural attitudes than span various parts of the Muslim world, particularly with regards to women. This is harsh, but also essential, viewing.


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Director: Hussein Hassan
Producer: Mehmet Aktaş
Screenwriter: Mehmet Aktaş, Hussein Hassan

Music: Mustafa Biber
Cinematographer: Touraj Aslani
Editor: Ebrahim Saeedi

Cast: Rekesh Shabaz, Diman Zandi, Maryam

Hussein Hassan

Hussein Hassan Ali is a Kurdish filmmaker. He has appeared as an actor in Narcissus Blossom (06), which he also co-wrote and directed, Car Jack (08) and Where is the Land? (13). The Dark Wind (16) is his second feature as director.