Little White Lie

World Premiere

DIRECTED BY Tomás Alzamora

Country: Chile
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

Running Time: 80min

Category: Jordan Ressler Screenwriting Competition

In an age where fact-based news has become increasingly compromised by social media, counter-knowledge and the cult of personality, this feature debut from rapper, deejay and director Tomás Alzamora feels piercingly del momento.

The protagonist of Little White Lie is a journalist struggling to maintain a career in a small Chilean town. Worrying that he’s on the verge of losing his job, he fabricates a story—a “little white lie”—that turns into a very big deal, transforming him into a hugely popular local celebrity. Should our humble hero confess his peccadillo or sacrifice his integrity at the altar of fame? Find out in one of the wittiest debuts of this or any other year.

This film is also featured in the 2017 Film Festival’s HBO Ibero American Competition Film Category


Wednesday March 8th @ 9:30pm REGAL 17 Add to Schedule

Saturday March 11th @ 1:30pm REGAL 18 Add to Schedule


Director: Tomás Alzamora
Producer: Pablo Calisto
Screenwriter: Tomás Alzamora

Music: Martín Schlotfeldt
Cinematographer: Jonathan Maldonado
Editor: Tomás Alzamora, Roberto Doveris

Tomás Alzamora

Tomás Alzamora (aka Fourd) is a rapper, deejay and filmmaker. He has produced video clips for various Chilean musical stars and several short films.Little White Lie (17) is his feature directorial debut.