Florida Premiere


Country: Canada, UK, USA
Language: English

Running Time: 90min
Film Year: 2016
Category: Knight Documentary Achievement Award

Sassy and empowering, Rama Rau’s League of Exotique Dancers offers both front-row seats and a backstage pass to Legends of Burlesque, an annual extravaganza hosted by Las Vegas’ Burlesque Hall of Fame. We’re introduced to veterans like Gina Bon Bon, Camille 2000 and Marinka, Queen of the Amazons, all of them in their 60s or 70s, preparing to present their vintage vamps from the pre-pole-dancing era.

Rau’s subjects speak eloquently about the art of the tease, as well as the pitfalls of the trade, such as substance abuse. The dominant feeling League leaves you with is one of women wresting control of their sexuality and careers, and thriving on the liberation of performance.


Saturday March 4th @ 9:00pm CORAL GABLES ART CINEMA Add to Schedule


Director: Rama Rau
Producer: Ed Barreveld
Screenwriter: Rama Rau

Music: Ken Myhr
Cinematographer: Iris Ng
Editor: Rob Ruzik

Subjects: Gina Bon Bon, Marinka, Toni Elling, Delilah Jones, Holiday O'Hara, Kitten Natividad, Judith Stein, Camille 2000

Rama Rau

Rama Rau is a filmmaker from India who now lives in Toronto. Her directorial credits include the documentaries Fingers of Fire (06), The Market (11), No Place to Hide: The Rehtaeh Parsons Story (15) and League of Exoitque Dancers (16).

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