DIRECTED BY Joaquín Mazón

Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: CUERPO DE ÉLITE

Running Time: 97min
Film Year: 2016
Category: Cinema 360º

The previously-announced premiere of HEROES WANTED at Miami Dade College’s Miami Film Festival, originally scheduled for March 3rd and 11th, 2017, has been cancelled due to an exhibition violation.  Ticket holders should call 1-844-565-6433 to have their tickets refunded or replaced.



Director: Joaquín Mazón
Producer: Fernando Bovaira, Mikel Lejarza, Mercedes Gamero
Screenwriter: Cristóbal Garrido, Adolfo Valor
Executive Producer: Fernando Bovaira, Guillem Vidal-Folch

Music: Vicente Ortiz Gimeno
Cinematographer: Ángel Iguacel
Editor: Jani Madrileño

Cast: María León, Miki Escarbe, Jordi Sánchez, Andoni Agirregomez, Korta, Juan Carlos Aduviri

Joaquín Mazón

Joaquín Mazón was born in Madrid. He has directed extensively for television. His credits include numerous episodes of Doctor Mateo (11), Con el cuto al aire (12-14) and Allí abajo (15). Heroes Wanted (16) is his feature debut.