East Coast Premiere

DIRECTED BY Austin Peters

Country: Cuba, USA
Language: English

Running Time: 85min
Film Year: 2017
Category: Knight Documentary Achievement Award

Major Lazer is a major force in the world of electronic dancehall. In 2015, riding the wave of their hit “Lean On,” the EDM supergroup undertook a world tour with a stop in Havana, a destination few international acts have had permission or, given its infrastructural issues, inclination to perform. The show was a gamble—but 500,000 habaneros turned up for what turned out to be a history-making event.

Fun, fascinating and inspirational, Give Me Future exudes Major Lazer’s motto: “Making the world smaller by making the party bigger.” Director Austin Peters captures the concert while seizing glimpses of a great city in a moment of dizzying transition.

This film is also featured in the 2017 Film Festival’s Reel Music Film Category

Major Lazer member and Global Ambassador of Music & Culture, Walshy Fire will introduce the screening and participate in a question and answer session with the audience following the Tuesday night screening. Join Walshy Fire at his Rum & Bass after-party following the screening at Coyo Taco, 2300 NW Second Ave, Miami, Fl.

About Walshy Fire


Whether hyping up a crowd of discerning enthusiasts with expert selections or introducing European festival crowds to the meaning of “Pon di floor”, Walshy Fire has truly earned the title of Global Ambassador of Music & Culture.

Highly renowned and respected throughout the Caribbean music universe as a double-threat MC and selector for Miami’s Grammy winning Black Chiney Sound System, Walshy is also found on the world’s biggest stages as the master of ceremonies for Diplo’s genre-bending dancehall carnival, Major Lazer.

In 2015 Walshy’s schedule got even busier with the release of Major Lazer’s album “Peace Is the Mission” and hit single “Lean On”, thrusting him into the spotlight more than ever.



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Wednesday March 8th @ 9:30pm MDC’S TOWER THEATER (THEATER 2) Add to Schedule


Director: Austin Peters
Producer: Jack Turner, Wesley Pentz, Jay Peterson, Andrew Mcinnes, Noah Rothman, Todd Lubin, Kevin Kusatsu

Music: Major Lazer, Ben Flesch
Cinematographer: Deering Regan
Editor: Sheila Shirazi, Ezra Paek

Austin Peters

Austin Peters was raised in Los Angeles. He studied film at the Tisch School of the Arts. He has directed documentary shorts and music videos. Give Me Future: Major Lazer in Cuba (16) is his feature documentary debut.