Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Xavier Manrique

Country: USA

Running Time: 85min
Film Year: 2016
Category: Jordan Ressler Screenwriting Competition

Stories can imbue our lives with meaning and order; they can also be our undoing. Fenton, a promising young writer, is reeling from the latter effect: he lost his girlfriend Jessie after The New Yorker published his thinly veiled story about her family. And when Fenton returns to New York after a year away he finds that time hasn’t healed the wound in his favour: Jessie is engaged to another man.

With its crack cast of newcomers and veterans—among them Chris Noth, Shiloh Fernandez and Mary-Louise Parker—Miami director Xavier Manrique’s feature debut navigates numerous emotional geometries with sophistication, wit and understated wisdom.

This film is also featured in the 2017 Film Festival’s Florida Focus Film Category.

The Director of Chronically Metropolitan, Xavier Manrique, will also be participating in the Masterclass: LEARN FROM THE BEST: AN OSCAR-WINNING MENTOR.

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Director: Xavier Manrique
Producer: Jamin O'Brien, Chuy Hernandez
Screenwriter: Nicholas Schutt
Executive Producer: David Frankel

Music: Angelo Mili
Cinematographer: Scott Miller
Editor: Susan E. Morse, Juan Pablo Cadaveira

Cast: Shiloh Fernandez, Ashley Benson, Mary-Louise Parker, Chris Noth, Addison Timlin, Josh Peck

Xavier Manrique

Xavier Manrique was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He studied marketing and film at George Washington University and the New York Film Academy. He has directed the short films “Scandal” (09) and “Losing Sam” (11). Chronically Metropolitan (16) is his feature directorial debut.

Nicholas Schutt was born in New York City and lives in Los Angeles. He is a graduate from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. He has written for the television series Blood & Oil (15) and is the creator of the series Citizen (16). Chronically Metropolitan (16) is his feature screenwriting debut.