World Premiere

DIRECTED BY Luz Ruciello

Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: Un Cine en Concreto

Running Time: 72min
Film Year: 2017
Category: Knight Documentary Achievement Award

Cinema is the art closest to dreaming. It’s also the product of dreaming, both in production and exhibition.

Omar is a soft-spoken, sinewy, middle-aged bricklayer. He has a passion for movies and cannot forget the magic of beholding them in a theatre as a child. Through sweat and willpower, he opens a cinema with ancient equipment in his small Argentine town. Then his brothers sell the land. And then Omar endeavors to construct his cinema all over again, brick by brick.

Omar’s quixotic vision quest is the subject of Luz Ruciello’s beguiling feature documentary debut. A Concrete Cinema is an homage, a character study, a prayer. In short, it is a work of, and about, sheer devotion.


Thursday March 9th @ 9:30pm MDC’S TOWER THEATER (THEATER 2) Add to Schedule


Director: Luz Ruciello
Producer: Maria Soledad Laici
Screenwriter: Luz Ruciello
Executive Producer: Maria Soledad Laici

Music: Maxi Prietto
Cinematographer: Luis Miras Vega
Editor: Carlos Maria Cambariere

Subjects: Omar Borcard

Luz Ruciello

Luz Ruciello is an Argentine filmmaker. She studied cinema at Buenos Aires University. She has worked extensively as an assistant director and script supervisor. Her directorial credits include “Six Hours Like That” (01), “Madreselva” (15) and “The Rising” (16). A Concrete Cinema (17) is her feature debut.