The Screening Room
2626 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127



03/11/2017 1:00pm

The “Producing in Florida and Beyond” fifth edition in conjunction with CineVisun and the BFMG will focus on computer graphics, visual effects, production and distribution with some of the biggest names in the industry. Now in its fifth year, the “Producing in Florida and Beyond” panels have been filled with information that has covered project development from pre-production to post production, marketing, finance, legal, equipment, distribution and more. This year the panel will touch on many of the same themes, but will also focus on how to utilize computer graphics, visual effects, virtual reality, 360 degree storytelling, integrated production and new distribution methods for projects of all sizes; big budgets, small budgets and micro budgets for the emerging, intermediate and advanced content creator.

The masterclass will be moderated by Kevin Sharpley.

The Panel Features:

Andy Schefter, has been working in film production for over twenty years as a Producer, Line Producer, Unit Production Manager and sometime Director and Assistant Director. His work includes numerous national commercials, music videos, motion pictures and various television projects. Some of his movie and TV work include Plastic, Finding Joy, Bully, Empire, Vendetta, The Last Marshal, Landfall, Grapevine and a number of others. He is also the former Head of Production for Santa Monica based Social Capital Films. Andy will speak on all aspects of content creation from beginning to end.

Dean Lyon, visual effects supervisor from the “Lord of the Rings” film series, as well as a producer of content in long and short form. He will speak on the importance of visual effects (VFX) and computer effects/computer graphics in the industry. With the majority of films and television content utilizing computer enhanced visuals, he will stress the concept of understanding the many applications from pre-production to post production and how to establish a workflow that will enhance your production big or small.

Tom Mohler, owner of Olympusat, a full service production company that houses twenty networks, a streaming service and provides content to over seventy networks. He will speak on his experience creating one of the biggest companies of its kind and the constant and future evolution of the industry. From concept to production, post production to distribution, he will cover many of the aspects of project development, giving a holistic view into how a project is developed from start to when the viewer watches it on screen.

Shona Tuckman has been involved in many aspects of the filmmaking process, writing, producing, and distribution on many levels. Having worked with celebrities such as Katherine Keener, Ben Kingsley and Moby, writing screenplays, adapting books to films, and having films in both festivals and theaters, she brings a wealth of experience that will show how a film is made in various stages of project development.

Carlos Andres Cuervo  a multi-platform storyteller, consultant and speaker that expresses his vision through “video production, visual storytelling and new media. Often merging technology and the arts to produce engaging and interactive content.” He will showcase equipment and various ways to utilize new media techniques along with traditional ways to tell a story that is engaging on many platforms and levels.

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