500 71st Street, Miami Beach, FL 33141

LA MEDEA preceded by I AM HERE


03/10/2017 9:30pm

A ferociously inventive new interpretation of a timeless tragic tale of revenge, this one-of-a-kind film is the product of Miami-born filmmaker and choreographer Yara Travieso’s recent New York dance-theatre event, which was performed, shot and edited in real time.
Reimagining Euripides’ infanticidal anti-heroine as the subject of a live, tell-all TV special, La Medea uses aspects of contemporary media culture to provoke questions regarding notions of justice and the so-called hysterical woman. Part opera and part soap opera, part myth and part “reality,” partly improvised and partly scripted, this electrifying, blackly comic melodrama promises to deliver brutality and tenderness, spectacle and intimacy.

No Longer Available