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Google 4: Laughing Instead of Crying: Subverting Stereotypes with Comedy

Google Talks on Gender & Racial Gaps in Film & Tech

03/05/2017 1:30pm

Radhika Vaz and Nadia P Manzoor – The creators of Shugs & Fats (a Gotham award-winning comedy web series) team up to talk about using comedy to spark difficult dialogues and overturn stereotypes. They will walk you through their creative journey from developing two unlikely comedic characters, to pitching a long form TV show on the mean streets of Hollywood. They will talk about their evolution as creators, writers, and eventually as producers, and how despite living on different continents they were able to make it work. Finally, they will discuss how their desire to spread the word of feminism was ultimately the driving force behind their comedy.

No Longer Available
No Longer Available