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Google 1: Disrupting the Status Quo: Reshaping the Film Ecosystem

Google Talks on Gender & Racial Gaps in Film & Tech

03/04/2017 11:00am

Tilane Jones – Tilane Jones is Executive Director of the independent film distribution collaborative ARRAY, which is disrupting current distribution models to change the ecosystem of the film industry by being dedicated to amplifying the voices of women filmmakers and filmmakers of color around the globe. Jones will discuss how the company is creating new distribution avenues and what wider distribution for different stories can mean for reshaping societal narratives of race and gender. Since 2011, ARRAY has distributed thirteen feature films, including: Ava DuVernay’s award-winning Middle of Nowhere; Andrew Dosunmu’s Restless City; Storm Saulter’s Better Mus’ Come; Neil Drummings’ Big Words; and Haile Gerima’s Ashes and Embers.​

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