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03/11/2017 8:30pm

Based on the story of undefeated two-time World Boxing Champion Edwin Valero, El Inca is a powerhouse biographical drama about talent and charisma, love and ambition, excess and self-destruction.
Valero, aka “El Inca,” rose from humble Andean roots to international celebrity by defeating one rival after another—he set a world record by winning his first 18 fights with a first-round knockout. But as Valero’s professional life bloomed his personal life began to stagger, with insecurities leading to marital infidelities and perilous addiction, aspects of Valero’s life that still spark controversy: following a brief, successful theatrical run, the Venezuelan Government removed the film from theaters.
El Inca tells of an exhilarating rise, a tragic fall, and the riveting displays of athletic mastery in between.

No Longer Available